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Equi-Tape Education Modules

Equi-Taping Educational Modules are designed to educate all levels of equestrians and equine healthcare professionals. No matter what your level of equine elastic kinesiology taping education. Each module will have progressive levels allowing you to grow your knowledge in the areas you want to learn. 

  • Level 1: Designed for the everyday horse owner. 

  • Level 2: Designed for the professional trainer/rider and equine health care professional. 

  • Level 3: Designed for the advanced practitioner. 

Included in each Module: A short video focusing on a specific Equi-Taping application, anatomy, and protocols. Learn how to achieve these specific applications in less than 30 minutes!

Bonus material included in every module: Surface preparation video, Techniques video, FAQ and answer video, educational articles and a PDF of Equi-Taping Basic Rules. 

Module: The Back (Available Now)

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 The Back Level 1 $25
The Back Level 2 The Back Level 2 $30
The Back Level 3 $40



Module: The Hock (Available Now)

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 The Hock Level 1 $25
The Hock Level 2 $35
The Hock Level 3 $50