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Equi-Tape Certification Courses

Equi-Taping® Certification Course – Professional Practitioners Training & Practicum Attendance Eligibility Standards


DOCTORS OF VETERINARY MEDICINE: Open to those that have earned a doctorate in veterinary medicine. Proof of degree or license may be required.

DOCTORS OF CHIROPRACTIC – ANIMAL or EQUINE: Open to those that have earned a doctorate in animal or equine chiropractic. Proof of degree or license may be required.

PHYSICAL THERAPISTS: Open to those in the field of animal or equine rehabilitation therapy. Must hold a degree, license or certification in this specialized area of treatment. Proof of degree or license may be required.

LICENSED EQUINE MASSAGE THERAPISTS: Open to those that hold a license to practice equine massage therapy, or hold a certification in equine massage therapy from a state board governing such certifications. Proof of program completion may be required.

VETERINARY TECHNICIANS: Open to those that hold a degree as a veterinary technician. Proof of degree or license may be required.

STUDENTS: Veterinary students and students involved in equine therapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy programs are eligible to attend but are not eligible to take the certification exam until after graduation.

OTHER: Equine healthcare practitioners offering professional services for which they receive financial compensation. Must be knowledgeable in equine anatomy and have received training in their field of practice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do our very best to ensure accurate eligibility amongst course registrants. We also thoroughly understand the diversity in credentials held by industry professionals worldwide. We do not however, allow course registrants to misrepresent their eligibility credentials. There are many weekend type courses held around the globe that offer continuing education training in various types of modalities that are quite good at what they teach. We do not however consider towards course eligibility, weekend seminars or courses, or the certificates or credentials earned from them, that touch on the fields of veterinary medicine or chiropractic care. Failure to represent ones credentials thoroughly and accurately may lead to removal from the course and loss of registration fee. For questions regarding eligibility, please contact us via email .

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