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Equi-Taping™ Beyond The Basics

Go Beyond The Basics

Go Beyond The Basics

Dive deeper into the Equi-Taping™ modality in this intermediate level course that will teach you 7 new applications to benefit your horse! This course is designed to be taken after the FREE Equi-Taping™ Basics course With Purchase Of The Intro Kit.

Gain greater understanding and learn more complicated applications and ways to use tape in your training, care, and rehabilitation programs. Join the Owner and President of Equi-Tape, Inc. Holding, Rebecca Haddock, as she shares her experience and gives you professional tips on how to achieve success and use these effective applications.

We encourage you to have tape and surface preparation material on hand before you watch this course so you can practice right away. We recommend ordering the Intro Kit.

Purchase the Intro Kit here or below.

Learn the benefits of using Equi-Tape®, the first and still the best equine elastic kinesiology tape. Equi-Tape® is designed specifically for horses with a proprietary fabric blend and adhesive that's made to breathe and move with your horse! Equi-Tape® has many benefits for everyday routines.

Multiple languages in CC (closed caption) include: Arabic, English, German, French, Russian and Spanish!

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