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Welcome to Equi-Tape® And The Equi-Taping® Methodology
Welcome to Equi-Tape® And The Equi-Taping® Methodology

The Fundamentals of Equi-Taping® Course


Effects Of Equi-Taping®

The Trademarked Equi-Taping® Methodology Course

The Trademarked Equi-Taping® Methodology Course

Equi-Tape® is proud to present the trademarked Equi-Taping® Methodology Course online. This comprehensive course, recognized by NCBTMB, RACE, and IAAMB, is now available to equestrians and equine healthcare practitioners worldwide. It is accredited for 16 CEUs upon completion of the course and the certification exam.

The Fundamentals Course is a transformative training experience where students will master the Equi-Taping® Methodology for both training and rehabilitation programs. The course instructors inspire students to learn and develop both skill and confidence to tape horses effectively.

This course offers a unique opportunity for professional growth. We recommend anyone interested in taking it have a strong foundation in equine anatomy. Equine healthcare professionals can aspire to become Certified Equi-Taping® Practitioners upon successfully completing the Fundamentals course, online exam, and corresponding case studies. 

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Included In the Online Course

Included In the Online Course

Learn the history of Equi-Tape®, anatomy review, techniques, applications, and professional tips. Knowledgeable instructors guide you through straightforward, practical information, over 16 hours of education between lectures, application videos, workbooks, required reading, and application practice.

  • Downloadable digital workbook for note-taking and future reference.
  • The science supporting Equi-Taping® applications 
  • Equine anatomy, physiology, and movement.
  • Equi-Taping® Methodology - Guidelines that allow you to choose appropriate techniques to achieve successful applications. 
  • Benefits / Uses - Expand your thinking of what's possible when you learn the benefits and uses. You'll learn how to tape almost any horse in any situation safely.
  • Exclusive techniques and protocols—As the modality’s creators, we constantly develop new methods and protocols to help all horses.
  • Eleven lectures in video form.
  • Text script in many languages.
  • Step-by-step downloadable videos and still images make reproducing the applications easier; no wifi or cell service is required.
  • PDFs of the lecture slides make learning the material more accessible for all learning styles.

Monthly coaching calls designed to mentor you. Once a month, students can join a Google Meeting call with owner Rebecca Haddock. They discuss the modality science and protocols. You can ask questions about case studies and get help with any horse you work on. This is an excellent opportunity for mentorship and personalized education.

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Additional Benefits Include

Additional Benefits Include

This comprehensive online course is a stepping stone to practitioner-level education, offering valuable skills for both professionals and non-professionals.

For non-professionals, it’s an opportunity to gain practical skills and the confidence to tape horses effectively and safely, thereby enhancing their care.

Equine healthcare practitioners, on the other hand, will be equipped to seamlessly integrate Equi-Taping® into their training, rehabilitation, and prevention programs after completing the course. Upon successful completion of the course, examination, and case studies, equine healthcare professionals can earn the highly esteemed Equi-Taping® Practitioner Certification, a recognition of their commitment to equine care and rehabilitation.

Equi-Taping® (Kinesio Tape Certification) courses are meticulously designed to teach individuals how to correctly apply kinesiology tape to different parts of the body. These courses, led by experienced instructors, are available in both in-person and online formats.

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