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Elastic Kinesiology Athletic Training Tape Created for Horses

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INTRODUCTION Since its early inception, Kinesiology taping practices for the human athlete has demonstrated its successful use in rehabilitation, prevention, and training. Recently, Kinesiology taping has gained a great deal in popularity through its widespread exposure during the 2012 Summer Olympics and has become a mainstream modality used by professional human athletes and health-care professionals. In our world of animal health, it was inevitable that a product which has displayed a history of successful use in the world of human athletics, transitions to the equine community. WHY EQUI-TAPE®? Equi-Tape® is the first kinesiology tape designed specifically for the equine. It is an elastic cotton 2-way stretch tape technology containing advanced adhesive properties for ease of application, removal and placement longevity. Developed by Dr. Beverly Gordon in the early part of 2005, Dr. Gordon has since perfected the use of Equi-Tape® further developing the Equi-Taping® Methodology for conditions affecting the equine athlete for use in both training and conditioning as well as in rehabilitation and clinical recovery. WHAT ARE THE PRINCIPALS BEHIND EQUI-TAPE®s’ EFFECTIVE USE? The mechanism by which Equi-Tape® affects the body is completely different from that of non-elastic athletic tape and can often times be confusing. The effect of Equi-Tape® is based on its ability to interact with the skin and associated neurosensory and mechanoreceptors. Elastic kinesiology Equi-Tape® does not compress the tissue as does other types of tapes and taping methods. Its design characteristics and associated application techniques, decompress tissue thereby allowing for increased circulation. This lifting principle behind the decompression also influences and thereby impacts how pain receptors respond to the messages associated with swelling and or inflammation.

Equi-Tape®’s certification classes will prepare you to successfully integrate Equi-Taping® into your training, rehab and prevention management programs.  Learn More[/ezcol_1third_end] Equi-Tape® is the first elastic kinesiology athletic training tape created specifically for the equine athlete.  It is an all-weather, latex free decompression sports tape that is simple and easy to use providing exceptional benefits when incorporated into your daily riding, training or therapy regime.


Use Equi-Tape® Equine Kinesiology Tape to:
  • Decrease muscle spasms
  • Reduce inflammation and associated pain
  • Reduce swelling and edema
  • Re-educate muscle memory
  • Support ligaments, tendons and joints
  • Prevent injury and speed recovery
  • Help with injury rehabilitation
  • Increase circulation and promote healing
  • Increase equine athletic potential

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Equi-Tape® allows muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments to work more freely and completely during activity thereby being an excellent addition to any training program