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The History of Equi-Tape®

Kinesiology can be simply defined by the study of the body in motion and the physiological impact of anatomy in motion. Many healthcare practitioners incorporate kinesiology into their practices to help identity dysfunction in the body and inform solutions to help the body heal. Dr. Kenso Kase, a chiropractor and physiotherapist, developed the first kinesiology tape to compliment his work and support the body’s natural healing processes and biomechanics function in the 1970’s. Kinesiology tape quickly grew in popularity among holistic practitioners and is now in common use throughout the medical field.

Dr. Beverly Gordon, a chiropractor and bio-mechanics specialist for both humans and horses, created the first elastic kinesiology tape designed specifically for horses. She wanted to achieve the benefits of kinesiology tape she saw in her work with human athletes into her practice with equine athletes in Wellington, Florida. Her goal was to help horses heal, maintain soundness, and improve performance with an highly effective therapeutic modality. Dr. Gordon developed the Equi-Taping™ Methodology and the first accredited education in the world for the modality now known as equine kinesiology taping.

Equi-Tape Inc. was established after Dr. Gordon’s pioneering work sparked an international following of healthcare professionals committed to effective alternative therapies and holistic horse care. Equi-Tape® was originally developed for use on equine athletes and mainly used by healthcare professionals but now the benefits of this modality can now be learned and experienced by everyone! All education produced at Equi-Tape Inc. Holding pays homage to the original work of Dr. Beverly Gordon and strives to honor her legacy.

Equi-Tape Inc. remains the world's leader in accredited equine kinesiology tape education and continues to innovate, research, and pioneer advancements in the modality.

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