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Welcome to Equi-Tape® And The Equi-Taping® Methodology
Welcome to Equi-Tape® And The Equi-Taping® Methodology

The NEW Equi-Tape® App

Discover Innovative Ways To Use Today’s Tech To Build A Better Tomorrow For You And Your Horse

Discover Innovative Ways To Use Today’s Tech To Build A Better Tomorrow For You And Your Horse

Equi-Tape® app is your ultimate solution for learning about horse care and treatment. With this amazing app, you get access to all the education you need and more, at an affordable price. The best part? You can learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want. This app is perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle who wants to take care of their horse on the go. So why wait? Take the course to the horse, right where it's needed the most, with the Equi-Tape® app.

You'll have access to:
✔ All Purchased Courses

✔  Step-By-Step Videos & Photos

✔ Bonus Material

✔  Community Area

✔  FREE Material

✔  FREE Webinars

✔  Instant Access

✔  Available On Desktops/Laptops, Tablets And All Smart Phones

✔  Access To Downloadable Material Making It Easy To Achieve Success Without The Need Of WIFI Or Cellular Signal

✔  Education For Life

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Attention all professionals out there!

Halt your search for the perfect course because Equi-Taping® modality has got you covered with not one, not two, but three board certifications! And that's not all, you also get a whopping 16 CEUs from RACE, IAAMB, and NCBTMB. No other equine kinesiology education can match up to this level of excellence. But here's the kicker, you can learn at your own pace and in your own space. Equi-Taping® Certified practitioners are unparalleled, and you can be a part of this elite community today!

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How an app is revolutionizing horse care and empowering equestrians to change horses' lives

Discover the game-changing technique of elastic kinesiology taping! This incredible fusion of art and science has taken the athletic and healthcare worlds by storm since the 1970s. Its proven effectiveness has made it a trusted go-to method, and its popularity is only continuing to skyrocket across the globe.

Experience the revolutionary Equi-Tape® and the Equi-Taping® Methodology, now available for the equestrian community! Developed in 2010 by the esteemed equine professional Dr. Beverly Gordon, this innovative technique aims to enhance equine performance and recovery. With Equi-Tape®, horses can now enjoy the same benefits as human patients and athletes. Our scientific approach ensures that horses can maintain soundness and excel in all disciplines and levels, including the prestigious Grand Prix. We are dedicated to advancing the modality through ongoing research and development, all for the betterment of equine welfare. Get ready to witness the incredible results that Equi-Tape® can bring to your equine partner!

It’s never been easier to help your horse in any situation! With the app’s affordability, accessibility, and user-friendly interface, anyone can download it and start learning. What was once only available to select healthcare professionals in person for thousands of dollars has now become a global education program on demand. And the best part? Now, everyone can benefit from it! Start today, take the course to the horse, and live the possibilities.

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"Equestrian - The Other Breed"

"Equestrian - The Other Breed"

As equestrians, we are a unique breed with specific needs when it comes to consuming courses. But let's face it, the real value lies in being in front of our trusty steeds who require specialized care. From carpus support to core activation and over 100 other treatments taught through the Equi-Tape® app, the possibilities are endless. So saddle up and let's get ready to take on the world of equestrianism like never before!

While online education platforms can be helpful, nothing compares to the thrill of learning in the field with your trusty horse. Being stuck behind a computer can feel tedious and cumbersome. Embrace the excitement of hands-on learning and experience the rush of adventure with your equine companion.

As a responsible horse owner, it's important to anticipate and prepare for the most common health issues that horses face. Post-dental
care can be a tricky time, with horses often taking days or even weeks to recover their appetite. Have you ever noticed your horse suddenly pinning their ears when you touch their head or face? It could be a sign of a headache. And let's not forget about injuries to their lower legs, stifles, and hocks. By staying informed and learning how to care for your horse like a pro, you'll be ready for whatever challenges may arise in the future.

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Subscription Options Available

Practical Package Subscription

Get ready to revolutionize the way you care for your horse! The Practical Solutions Series is here to show you simple yet effective applications that will make a huge difference in your horse’s daily life. Created by seasoned equestrians for fellow horse lovers like you, these step-by-step instructional videos are a game-changer. With each application, you’ll learn all the benefits and uses, and best of all, you’ll have access to downloadable step-by-step videos and photos that you can take with you wherever you go. No need for cell service or wifi, so you can tape with ease and speed. Plus, with over 20 applications taught by Equi-Tape® educators and practitioners, you’ll be able to put everything you learn into practice right away! What are you waiting for? Subscribe today and unlock a whole new world of possibilities for you and your horse!

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Module Subscription

Get ready to revolutionize your equine taping game with the highly-anticipated Equi-Tape® Module Subscription! This amazing package includes all the modules and applications you need, plus downloadable step-by-step videos and pictures that make each application a breeze. And the best part? You can take it all with you on-the-go with the NEW Equi-Tape® App from Google Play or the App Store. Don't wait – purchase the Module package from the website today and get ready to take your equine care to the next level!

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