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Welcome to Equi-Tape® And The Equi-Taping® Methodology
Welcome to Equi-Tape® And The Equi-Taping® Methodology
Spooky Horse? Can you really calm them without drugs?

Spooky Horse? Can you really calm them without drugs?

In the northern hemisphere we are enjoying the spring, well mostly. We’ve all heard the sayings during this time of year, “fresh horse”, “spooky horse”, “feeling their oats”, or my personal favorite… “In horse riding the number one rule is only one of us can be freaked out at a time and it’s never my turn.”.

Many of us spend more time on groundwork (I do love the saying the more times you hit the ground the better your groundwork gets), lunging, round penning or just turning them out to get the fresh off. Some of us will even use calming pasts or supplements, even ….drugs😯. But what if there was something else that took the edge off?

There is, Equi-Tape®!! I know right now you’re probably thinking yeah right. But I’m serious. With a simple piece of tape or two, you can ground and calm your horse. It’s all about the receptors in the skin. Basically, by decompressing certain areas of the horse you can create a calming effect that allows your horse to pay more attention to you, instead of everything around him. Many Equi-Tapers® around the world swear by this simple and effective application.


“After experiencing the effects of this simple application, I refuse to ride without my brain tape.”


“I couldn’t believe how crazy effective this application was, my horse was so relaxed on the trail I was able to ride loose reined, I haven’t been able to do that in years!”

Other uses for this application are:

Standing for a farrier
Young horses who tend to trip
Any reason your horse may get nervous or anxious
This application is a part of the Practical Solutions Series and also available ala carte.

Check out the links in this post and as always if you learned something new, please share it with others! Happy Taping

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