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Welcome to Equi-Tape® And The Equi-Taping™ Methodology
Welcome to Equi-Tape® And The Equi-Taping™ Methodology

Is your horse injured, sore, overworked or in pain? Equi-Tape® can help, let us show you how!

Thousands of equestrians are effectively helping their horses heal faster and perform at their best while spending less time and money.

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Equi-Tape® Equine Kinesiology Tape. 



- Equi-Tape®when used properly, can drastically reduce swelling and edema in horses and increase healing. A study published in the Equine Veterinary Science Journal demonstrates a reduction of swelling and edema post surgery when equine kinesiology tape was used. So how does it do this, here are just a few ways.

* Equi-Tape® Increases blood and lymph flow bringing oxygen rich blood to an injured area drastically increasing healing speed and removing swelling and edema.

* Equi-Tape® decompresses the soft tissue decreasing pain. One study reported kinesiology tape being more effective at pain reduction than naproxen and PT combination.

* Equi-Tape® supports the proper bio-mechanics allowing the body to move normally with a reduced stress load thereby creating an environment that allows for ligaments and tendons to heal much more quickly. Study published by Murray State University on Equi-Tape® and injured hocks.

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What Do I Need To Get Started?

- The Intro Equi-Taping™ Kit contains everything you will need to start taping. 2 rolls of Classic Tape, teflon coated kinesiology scissors, a handy digital How-to-Tape-Guide, and an area prep towel. Equi-Tape® is designed to have the appropriate amount of adhesive, strength and stretch that achieves effective results while ensuring safety and comfort in all rehabilitation and training scenarios. With over 15 years building equine kinesiology tape no other brand or company can compare with the quality, availability or the team of equestrians that are here to help.

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Why Equi-Tape®?

Equi-Tape® is a place where equestrians and equine healthcare professionals can learn step-by-step equine kinesiology techniques at their fingertips.

Wide range of benefits and uses

Equi-Tape® can benefit the horses whole anatomy. Image a piece of stretchy material being able to reduce swelling, support injured joints, tendon and ligaments, break up fascial adhesions, decrease pain, increase healing speed and so much more. Imagine no further Equi-Tape® is here and it actually works. Don’t take our word for it, checkout the testimonials below.

6,000+ Customers Rely on Equi-Tape®