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Welcome to Equi-Tape® And The Equi-Taping™ Methodology
Welcome to Equi-Tape® And The Equi-Taping™ Methodology

Are you still trying to find something that actually prevents injuries? Equi-Tape® can help, let us show you how.

See how thousands of equestrians are actually helping horses heal faster and perform at their best  while spending less and being more effective.

Online Education

Equi-Tape® has courses designed for every equestrian dealing with almost any injury or physical need you can think of. 



The Basic what every taper should know to start.

Beyond the Basics where we dive deeper into the modality and common uses.

The Fundamentals course designed for the avid tapers or equine healthcare professionals, this course is triple accredited and the cornerstone of the modality.

Practical Solutions focuses on everyday barn life and needs and is incredibly popular with both no-professionals and professional alike.

Modular education where we deal with specific injuries and anatomical needs from rehab to performance.


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The Equi-Tape® App

Built to be easy to use and easier to learn on this app is jam packed with everything anyone could want or need to know about taping horses. Downloadable step-by-step videos and pictures make learning and recreating the application more accessible because you won’t need cell service or wifi. With over thousands of downloads you can trust all those people can’t be wrong. With the most versatile and fastest advancing modality in the world we had to keep up with technology and create this brilliant app. Download it today for free and see for yourself.

Download the App

Why Equi-Tape®?

Equi-Tape® is a place where equestrians and equine healthcare professionals can learn step-by-step equine kinesiology techniques at their fingertips.

Wide range of benefits and uses

Equi-Tape® can benefit the horses whole anatomy. Image a piece of stretchy material being able to reduce swelling, support injured joints, tendon and ligaments, break up fascial adhesions, decrease pain, increase healing speed and so much more. Imagine no further Equi-Tape® is here and it actually works. Don’t take our word for it, checkout the testimonials below.

6,000+ Customers Rely on Equi-Tape®