Welcome to Equi-Tape® the First and Still the Best Elastic Kinesiology Tape For Horses!

Why Use Equi-Tape?

Equi-Tape® is the first and only elastic kinesiology tape designed specifically for equine use. Our unique specification with regard to specific elastic and cotton fabric weight and medical grade adhesive gives Equi-Tape its unbeatable performance.  Equi-Tape, Inc. was founded by Dr. Beverly Gordon, and is operated by equine professionals who strive for the highest standards in both product quality and customer service.  Equi-Tape, Inc is at the forefront of equine taping education, offering consumer and practitioner courses, videos, and social media interaction. Equi-Tape, Inc remains a strong influence in pioneering the ever-growing modality of equine kinesiology taping having developed the associated Equi-Taping Methodology. Whether you are using Equi-Tape in your training program, or you are rehabilitating your injured horse, Equi-Tape can be a great addition to your equine needs.

How does Equi-Tape work?

Equi-Tape adheres to the skin with an elastic quality, which allows it to decompress the skin to help relieve pressure and pain, increase lymph and blood flow, and accelerate oxygen availability for healing. In areas of swelling and edema, Equi-Tape can aid in the removal of toxins commonly associated with injury and overuse. Equi-Tape’s proven successes is seen through its continued growth and demand throughout the equestrian community of riders, trainers, and equine care professionals.