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Welcome to Equi-Tape® And The Equi-Taping® Methodology
Welcome to Equi-Tape® And The Equi-Taping® Methodology

Equi-Tape®: the world's first equine kinesiology tape

Take advantage of our special introductory offer today, which includes all the essentials you need to get started.

Intro Course + Free Tape

Equi-Taping® Basics is an introductory course covering kinesio taping. You can enroll in the course and get the introductory kit FREE, which contains two rolls of tape, kinesiology scissors, a microfiber towel, and a How-To-Tape-Guide. The course includes four taping techniques, instruction with senior Equi-Taping® instructor Rebecca Haddock, demonstration videos, and information on proper handling and preparation. It takes approximately two hours to complete and is always available through the Equi-Tape® App.


What Is Equi-Tape®?


Equi-Tape® stands out as the world’s first kinesiology tape that has been thoughtfully designed specifically for horses.

With a focus on the comfort and safety of the horse, Equi-Tape® has been constructed with every detail in mind to ensure durability and results.

Unlike many other brands of kinesiology tape available in the market, Equi-Tape® has the stretch and adhesive qualities necessary to be both safe and effective on equine anatomy.

In fact, Equi-Tape® is the only brand on the market that has been created for both performance and therapeutic scenarios and is the leading brand preferred by healthcare professionals around the world.

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The Benefits Of Equi-Tape®

Equi-Taping® is a highly effective performance support and therapeutic modality that has gained popularity in recent years due to its ability to help support the body's natural healing processes.

This innovative technique involves the application of specialized tapes to the horse's body to address a wide range of soft tissue injuries, support musculoskeletal structures, prevent injuries, and benefit the circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems. Equestrians and healthcare professionals alike have come to rely on Equi-Taping® as an affordable and highly effective solution for many training, care, and rehabilitation scenarios. Whether used to help speed up the recovery process after an injury, or to enhance overall performance and prevent future injuries, this modality has proven to be a safe and reliable option for those seeking to optimize their horse’s physical health and well-being. So, if you're looking for a cutting-edge therapeutic technique that can help you achieve your horse’s fitness and rehab goals, Equi-Taping® may be just what you need!



By decompressing the soft tissue, Equi-Tape® can increase the circulation of both blood and lymph, decreasing swelling and inflammation. Ultimately allowing the body's natural healing mechanisms to kick in full speed. With no negative side effects, you really can't go wrong.



TIf you are seeking a product that can augment the energy level of your equine and alleviate soreness during training, then you must take a look at this innovative product! Formulated to foster healthy muscle function, this product is ideal for equines with a demanding workload. Furthermore, it has a long-lasting effect, enabling your equines to maintain their momentum without any hindrance. We encourage you to try this product and witness the transformation for yourself!.

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A major benefit of Equi-Tape® is its ability to support joints while allowing full range of motion, making it a great modality to use for training and rehab. By implementing these techniques, you'll not only prevent injuries, but also improve performance and build strength. Get ready to take your horse's health and performance to the next level!

Why Our Customers Love Us

Hear what others have to say about Equi-Tape®

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Iron Faith Thoroughbreds, LLC


We wont use anything other than Equi-Tape® on our race horses and our clients horses. Have seen AMAZING results and very happy horses!

Jenifer Richie.jpeg__PID:decb213b-e409-404e-a894-c389af5644b6

Jennifer R.


I just did an experiment with 2 common horse brands of tape and found a big difference in the tape thickness and stickiness. I have tried a number of different brands (even 'human' ones) prior for comparison, and by large margin, Equi-Tape® was the winner.
I have no affiliation with any company but my own, just sharing what I found out recently. I've been taping horses for a while, but just recently bought and tried the Equi-Tape® and was very happy with it!

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