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Frustrated Equestrians Stop Feeling Helpless. We've Taken The Confusion Out of Being Able To Help Your Own Horse With Almost Any Condition. Equi-Tape® Can Help, Let Us Show You How!

Equi-Tape® Is Helping Thousands Of Horses Heal Faster And Perform At Their Best... And It's So Safe And Easy To Use, Your Kids Could Apply It

The Practical Solutions Program

Designed For The Equestrian And Equine Healthcare Professionals



Designed for every horse owner no matter your level of education. Wether your horse is rehabbing from an injury, in a training programs or currently in the back yard this well rounded program will help you relieve frustrations, gain understanding and confidence to achieve your equine goals NOW!

So what’s in the program?

* Monthly Coaching Calls With Rebecca Haddock Owner Of Equi-Tape®, Added To The App.

* Exclusive Community On Facebook.

* Help With Your Individual Horse.

* Access To The Entire Practical Solutions Library

* Bonus #1: Step-By-Step Still That Help You With The Process While Out Of Service Area

* Bonus #2: Step-By-Step Videos That Help You With The Process While Out Of Service Area

* Bonus #3: Access to the Basics Course

Sounds interesting? Want a little more info? Let’s see if this program is a good fit for you, click here. (The Button) Apply For The Practical Program Now

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Why Equi-Tape®?

Equi-Tape® Is A Place Where Equestrians And Equine Healthcare Professionals Can Learn Step-By-Step Equine Kinesiology Techniques At Their Fingertips.

Wide Range Of Benefits And Uses

Equi-Tape® can benefit the horses whole anatomy. Image a piece of stretchy material being able to reduce swelling, support injured joints, tendon and ligaments, break up fascial adhesions, decrease pain, increase healing speed and so much more. Imagine no further Equi-Tape® is here and it actually works. Don’t take our word for it, checkout the testimonials below.

6,000+ Customers Rely on Equi-Tape®