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Practitioners Program


All certified Equi-Taping Practitioners can now opt into the Introductory Course Instructors Program. This program empowers you to teach the Equi-Taping Introductory Course in the field to build clientele, establish more effective bodywork protocols, and grow your income through course and tape sales. We are proud of our practitioners and are confident they can teach equestrians of all disciplines about the many benefits and practical uses of Equi-Tape. 


Please read through the following information and complete the form below to sign up for the program. The one time fee of $100 covers access to our online Intro course and our printable teachers and student workbooks. We have also included a printable order form to help you make tape sales at the end of each course. An Equi-Tape representative will be available to offer support and give suggestions on how to best maximize this program for your business and incorporate it into your equestrian network and social media marketing.

The Equi-Taping Introductory Course can be taught by you to as few as one student, to as large a class as you feel comfortable teaching. In field research we have found more than 5 can be challenging without a second practitioners help, with 2 practitioners teaching is feasible up to 15 students.
Equi-Tape, Inc will support and help you through this endeavor. Below you will find all information pertaining to the program.

Please review the following list of requirements to be a part of this program:

  • Must be a certified Equi-Taping practitioner
  • Only use Equi-Tape® while teaching this course
  • Teach the course as shown (Online Introductory Course). In the event you are unable to cover all the material, students should be referred to registration for the online Introductory Course. Many of our students desire to take the online course as a refresher. 
  • Agreeing with Equi-Tape, Inc terms and conditions for the Practitioners Program
  • Purchase supplies when applicable through Equi-Tape®

There is a one time fee of $100 which includes access to the Online Introductory Course, student workbook, teacher manual and order forms. Equi-Tape® will support your courses including promotion via social media on unlimited courses.


You will need the following supplies per student: 

  • A roll of Classic tape (10.53 per roll sold at Equi-Tape®)
  • A pair of scissors  (15.95 sold at Equi-Tape®)
  • A micro fiber towel ($5.00 sold at Equi-Tape)
  • The teaching workbook (PDF provided by Equi-Tape)
  • Order forms (PDF provided by Equi-Tape)
  • Student workbook (PDF provided by Equi-Tape)
  • Several small buckets to hold supplies and serve as trash bins (obtain these separately aprox. $2.00)
  • Spray bottles loaded with alcohol or witch hazel, (obtain these separately aprox. $1.00)
  • Quite well behaved horses for practicing applications, 1 per 2-3 students.
  • Recommended you reuse scissors, buckets, spray bottle, and microfiber towels for all your future courses

This course takes 11/2 - 2 hours, including 15 minutes setup time, and 30 minutes after class for tape sales, appointment setting, and question answering. The average cost per student is $15.

You can generate income by selling tape at the course. Be prepared by having tape available. The average tape sale per student is 4 rolls. Remember to sell the tape at the consumer rate of $15.95 per roll.

We found Facebook and Instagram to be great assets for filling courses. It is advantageous for you to connect with barn managers, trainers, or equestrians. You can offer to treat their horse for free in exchange for their hosting and helping fill the course. Another great place to start is with your current clientele.

We recommend you charge around 45 dollars per student.

    Typical retention rate and sales:

    • 50% will book a therapeutic/training session
    • 75% will purchase tape at the course
    • 90% will go home and start taping their own horses (this encourages them to stay in contact with you, leading to bookings later)

    Benefits of utilizing the Practitioners Program in your practice:

    Your clients will follow their protocols at home, which decreases rehabilitation time, and allows your treatment sessions to be more effect. This Introductory Course encourages clients to take responsibility for their horses rehab or training protocols. Additionally your clientele will grow as will your networking/collaboration with other equine heath care professionals. Typically courses given through the Practitioners Program attract both professional and non-professional equestrians.

    We have found the Practitioners Program greatly increased both tape sales and clientele within 4-6 months, and became a resource for other equine health care professionals. This allowed for better communication between horse owner, farrier, vet, chrio, and other body workers. Being a part of the Practitioner Program sets you apart from other professionals, and allows you to demonstrate the benefits of Equi-Taping to perspective clients. This program allows you to connect with many people in a short time by building credibility and providing knowledge to owners, trainers and riders.

    The Practitioner Program has a one time fee