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Welcome to Equi-Tape® And The Equi-Taping™ Methodology
Welcome to Equi-Tape® And The Equi-Taping™ Methodology

Equi-Taping™ Practicum & Lab Schedule

Equi-Tape Inc is excited to offer Practicums and Labs at affiliate schools and practitioners facilities. Equi-Taping™ is the modality known also as equine elastic kinesiology taping.  

Below is a list of approved  Equi-Taping™ educators.  (** next to Practitioners name who is available for private practicums)

Name/Practitioner/School Location Date  Registration Link/ email address for scheduling practicum Travels
Rebecca Haddock Black Forest, Colorado  TBA No
Calandra O'Hanlan ** Santa Rosa Beach, Florida  TBA Yes
Rose Gillies ** Cypress, Texas  Oct, 30, 2021
Megan Steele ** Parker, Colorado TBA No
Mikaela Hewitt ** Elbert, Colorado TBA No
Mandy Hawkins ** Branson, Missouri  TBA Yes
NWSAM  Vashon, Seatle  TBA No
Lola Michelin ** Vashon, Seatle TBA Yes
Casey Sorita ** Washington TBA Yes

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  • Basic Equi-Taping™ Tips
    May 23, 2022

    Basic Equi-Taping™ Tips

    Area to be taped must be clean and free of lotions and sprays Cut round corners on tape ends Separate paper backing by stretching tape / tearing paper backing Lay down ends of tape approximately 2″ to 3″ with no...

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  • Why Use Equi-Tape®?
    May 23, 2022

    Why Use Equi-Tape®?

    Equi-Tape® is the original, and the most respected equine kinesiology tape on the market helping your horse stay sound, train harder and recover quicker! Equi-Tape® is constructed of both a proprietary blend of materials and medical grade adhesive designed specifically...

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  • How can I help my horse with Equi-Tape®?
    May 23, 2022

    How can I help my horse with Equi-Tape®?

    Equi-Taping™ is a versatile modality that can be used to help horses in a combination of ways. Equi-Tape® allows muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments to work more freely during activity thereby being an excellent addition to any training program. Training: ...

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