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Dr. Beverly Gordon

Dr. Beverly Gordon, developer of the Equi-Taping method, is a certified Taping Practitioner and has focused much of her professional career on the practical applications of scientific principles to help keep horses sounder and improve equine athletic performance.Dr. Gordon served as past director of the New York Chiropractic Outpatient facility. Dr. Gordon taught clinical sciences at NY Chiropractic College, and has an added certification as an animal chiropractor.

Dr. Gordon’s background is in bio-mechanics of movement with a specialty in training resistances. In 1997, she sold her human practice and began working primarily with horses. She has consulted for numerous veterinary facilities, and has published over 42 articles on equine-related topics. Currently Dr. Gordon writes a column for Sidelines Magazine called The Horse In Motion which focuses on issues related to equine movement.

Anna Crane, DC, MS CAC, VCP

Dr Anna Crane is a human chiropractor, board certified in Animal Chiropractic, specializing in neurologic phenomena. She holds Bachelors of Science in Equine Science and Human Biology, a Masters of Science in Animal Science, as well as her doctorate of Chiropractic. She successfully runs New England Animal Chiropractic, based outside of Boston, Mass.

Her practice is focused on the performance animal, enhancing their ability to comfortably compete at the highest level possible. Dr. Crane is a certified Equi-Taping® Instructor and is a master in communicating complicated details in easy to understand language.

Lumi Michelle Rolley, ESMT

After being certified in Equine Sports Massage by Equissage in 2009, Lumi has continued training in allied therapies, seeking a holistic approach to foster the horse’s wellbeing by integrating various massage therapies, including Equine Craniosacral and Myofascial Release. She integrates energy work with massage and is a certified Reiki Practitioner.

Utilizing her varied knowledge and experience, Lumi’s focus is to bring the horse back into balance to enable the body to heal itself, handle the daily rigors of athletic training and perform optimally in competition. Lumi is a certified Equi-Taping® Practitioner and instructor currently practicing in the New York metro region and regularly uses Equi-Taping Methods and Strategies to enhance the well-being of her clientele. Ms. Rolley is one of the top taping practitioners in the world.

Christa Veinotte – RMT, Lymphatic Drainage and Craniosacral Therapist

Christa Veinotte, has been a registered massage therapist since 1999. She specializes in treating elite equine athletes such as Olympians and World Cup competitiors.

Christa has extensive training in Lymphatic Drainage and Craniosacral Therapy and has completed thousands of treatments in her career.

Jeff Moore

The owner of Equinerehab & Therapy, Inc and partner in Whole Horse Solutions has been training and helping horses for over 25 years. He focuses on biomechanics and the restoration of movement to allow performance horses in many disciplines to reach their peak potential. Jeff’s work ranges from NFR barrel horses, and grand prix dressage horses, to Rolex and Tevis competitors, to the horses of the troupe Cavalia. When Jeff is not teaching lecturing or working on horses, he lives with his family near the Snake River Canyon of Eastern Oregon.

Lola Michelin, LMT, LAMP, SAMP

Founder of the Northwest School of Animal Massage and director of education, Lola Michelin has been practicing animal massage for over 30 years and teaching animal massage since 1998.  Her practice is equine focused and includes dogs, cats, people and exotic species.  Following graduation from Michigan State University with a B.Sc. in Animal Science, she has worked as a veterinary technician, a zookeeper and a pathology technician.

As a certified Equi-Tape Practitioner, she enjoys combining the Equi-Tape Methodology with the other modalities she specializes in, including Myofasical Release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Manual Ligament Therapy and Acupressure.   She currently operates an Equine Retirement and Rehabilitation program at the NWSAM campus based in the Puget Sound.  As an avid equestrian, she is always seeking new approaches to supporting the physical and mental health of horses.

Mary Ann Simonds, BS, MA

Mary Ann loves teaching and sharing. With over 40 years of professional experience in the horse industry and a scientific background in behavioral equine ecology( B.S.) and Human-Animal Interactions/Equestrian Psychology (M.A.) Mary Ann has pioneered a number of supportive therapies for horses. In the 1980-90s she developed a line of magnetic therapy products and stress management remedies for horses and has researched and tested a number of therapy products for other manufacturers. A lecturer at various vet schools on behavior and natural health, Mary Ann now mostly teaches, coaches, and mentors other professionals. A believer in the benefits of EquiTape, Mary Ann first started teaching “Taping for Training” back in the 1990s realizing the importance of myofascia and proprioception to help horses learn to use muscles correctly. Mary Ann now uses Equi-Tape not just for training but to assist horses in a number of areas and is thrilled to be an EquiTape Instructor.