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Basic Equi-Taping® Tips

  • Area to be taped must be clean and free of lotions and sprays
  • Cut round corners on tape ends
  • Separate paper backing by stretching tape / tearing paper backing
  • Lay down ends of tape approximately 2″ to 3″ with no stretch
  • Do not touch tape adhesive after paper is removed
  • Rub tape to activate adhesive
  • Leave application on for up to 4 days
  • Use proper stretch for the application
  • Do not tape over infected areas or open wounds

Tape Adhesiveness in support of the Equi-Taping® Method PREPARING THE COAT

Application Tips Tape Stretch

How to measure the Equi-Tape® kinesiology tape properly for an application, prior to cutting tape.

How to properly trim rounded corners and remove the paper backing.

How to properly remove Equi-Tape® strips from the horse