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Welcome to Equi-Tape® And The Equi-Taping® Methodology
Welcome to Equi-Tape® And The Equi-Taping® Methodology

Host Site Requirements

Interested in hosting a Equi-Taping™ Practitioners course? Please see the following requirements:

  1.  The host site needs a room with tables and chairs to accommodate up to 15 people.
  2.  Access to up to 5 horses within a reasonable walking distance to the classroom. If available we like to have an additional horse or 2 to switch out if need be.  (Taping the same horse over and over for 2 days can sometimes have a broader systemic affect. Nothing nefarious but a consideration we are mindful of)
  3. Access to a computer, projector and screen or suitable white wall with availability to be projected on.
  4. Easy access to hotels, airport and restaurants. If you have suggestions or recommendations on any of these it would be great. Otherwise we will look them up on the internet.
  5.  Host site organizes coffee, tea, and breakfast condiments and lunch for 2 days – usually a deli platter, fruit salad, water, chips, etc. Nothing fancy – try to budget no more than $10 per person per day max. We would of course reimburse you for this.
  6. On day one at about 6:15pm or so we like to reserve dinner at a gathering place moderately priced for colleagues to relax, have a drink and get to know one another – it’s a pay your own way event. We request venue suggestions for contact. 


  1. Course is 2 days – could be any 2 consecutive days
  2. The course cost is $699 less an early registration incentive of $50. Net $649 Other discounts may be offered in certain circumstances.
  3. We would create posters to provide you so they can be posted in your clinic, up on your Facebook page or website.
  4. 13 Continuing Education Credits are offered to attendees. A CEU transcript is sent 7 days after the completion of the course
  5. 15 days after the completion of the course a 50 question and 6 case study exam is emailed to course participants.  Certification is provided upon the successful submission of the exam.


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