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Welcome to Equi-Tape® And The Equi-Taping® Methodology
Welcome to Equi-Tape® And The Equi-Taping® Methodology

Equi-Tape® Australia Team

Nev & Linda Barrass

Nev and Linda Barrass and the owner of the equine tourism operation Thredbo Valley Horse Riding ( situated in the Snowy Mountains. After meeting Rebecca Haddock from Equi-Tape® USA, Rebecca approached Nev and asked him if she could possibly treat a few horses whilst she was here in the Snowy Mountains as a thank you for her fabulous experience at Thredbo Valley Horse Riding. Nev agreed and was amazed by the results, and by the varied applications this product has proven to help his horses horses. Linda, took more time to come around, but now, through first-hand experience, is an Advocate for this fantastic product! Nev was so impressed with Equi-Tape®  that he travelled to USA and worked with Rebecca to study and learn more about this truly impressive product.


Rebecca Haddock

Owner of SS tape & Rehab, located in Colorado U.S.A, Rebecca created SS Tape & Rehab after years of working in the equine industry. She started at a young age taking lessons and learning everything she could about horses. Over the years she has competed in multiple disciplines including barrels, poles, western pleasure, reining, and dressage. She has had the opportunity to work under many great trainers as well. 10 years ago she decided to walk down the road of starting horses and that started the journey that lead to SS Tape and Rehab. While starting horses she was often brought in to “fix” behavioural problems, she found most behavioural problems were actually pain. She spent years learning how to rehab horses and relieve their pain. That’s when she found kinesiology, using kinesiology tape and all the knowledge she has gained over her ten years of experience she has created an exciting business who’s sole purpose it to heal the horse and support the equine athlete to compete at their optimal level.