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Learn the Basics of Equi-Taping®

What can you gain from the use of Equi-Tape?

Training: Equi-Tape® produces added comfort for your horse and provides you the satisfaction of knowing that you have taken a meaningful step in ensuring comfort, lessening the risk of injury and allowing for faster post-workout recovery benefits.

Rehabilitation: The lifting decompression principle behind Equi-Taping® involves an increase in activity under the skin, and aids in improving blood flow, and impacting pain receptors with the end objective to shorten standard recovery time. Equi-Tape and be effective in reducing swelling, inflammation, soreness to touch, stiffness, or lack of complete range of motion.

Overall Benefits of Equi-Taping®
  • Increase oxygen supply and circulation to an area
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Aid in shortening the healing time
  • Decrease recovery time
  • Decrease inflammation, swelling and the associated pain
  • Decrease toxin and metabolism by-product build-up to help muscles and joints work more efficiently
  • Support joints, tendons and ligaments
  • Assist joint and muscle movement encouraging full range of motion making it advantageous for use in training programs
The methodologies behind Equi-Taping®?

Methodology refers to the methods of applying Equi-Tape® and take into consideration the desired goals or outcomes. These application methods consist of specific techniques which help achieve the desired objective.

  • Muscle Relaxation Tapings
  • Muscle Assist Tapings
  • Joint/Tendon/Ligament Tapings
  • Circulation Tapings – Fan / Basket Weave
  • Fascia Release Tapings
  • Localized Decompression / Spot Tapings
  • Practitioner Advanced Tapings – Acupuncture, Sensory, biomechanical, etc.

The success of any taping is directly related to the specific application chosen, desired physiological goal and technique used.

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